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  • I know when you’ve re-gifted something, so why not come clean about it?

    Tweet Hey if you don’t notice me around or replying/approving comments in a timely manner, it’s because I’m on a mini digital break 🙂 Chilling out until January. Even though we don’t have a tradition of giving gifts to each other, this Christmas a friend […]

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  • Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Gifts under $100

    Tweet Don’t worry, I threw a nice mix of geek and chic in there with some of my own favourite items. I have a lot of things on the list that are under $50, so don’t be fooled by the title. 2010 LIST OF GIFTS […]

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  • When you make a lot of money, do people expect really fancy gifts from you?

    Tweet I’ve just recently experienced this. I don’t keep it a secret about how much I make, but I don’t like to broadcast it. Strange I know, as I am soooo open on this blog about my cash. Anyway. I only tell people if they […]

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  • Receiving Gifts

    Tweet I was thinking about this recently, and I’ve realized that I don’t actually like actual gifts any longer. It’s not to say that I don’t appreciate them, or that I don’t love the thought people put into them.. it’s more that I am feeling […]

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  • Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Presents

    Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Presents

    Tweet Still looking for an inexpensive Christmas Gift? Here’s my quick list of small things you can purchase to make a wonderful present out of (or to supplement what you bought if you are stumped for ideas). Let’s try and stay away from the ubiquitous […]

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