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  • How to deal with angry people

    Tweet I have definitely been in the position of coming across an angry person (or angry people), and being a very angry person on some occasions. BEING THE ANGRY PERSON Every time I get angry and someone diffuses me effectively, I step back after the […]

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  • The Idiot: When should you go for the job with the lower salary?

    Tweet The answer? When its other benefits are worth it to you. It’s an idiot story coming up. If you hate reading about me railing on other people, I suggest you skip this post. THE IDIOT STORY TIME So The Idiot whom I’ve written about […]

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  • Why don’t you return my calls! (For the guys)

    Why don’t you return my calls! (For the guys)

    Tweet FB: This is for the guys who can’t figure out why girls don’t return their calls.. You left the date with a spring in your step, thinking that the lovely creature you just had dinner with could in fact be The One. You talked […]

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