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  • Saving when you’re young: Why do it?

    Tweet When you’re young and fresh out of college, presumably, you’re earning the bottom of what your career can potentially yield after 20 more years in the business, but that doesn’t mean you should bank on making more money in the future as your savings […]

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  • Cook at home or Eat out?

    Tweet Debt Hater was debating between eating at home all the time or eating out. She wanted to know how to figure out a way to see if eating at home was cheaper or not. For me, it is cheaper to eat at home. Without […]

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  • Making me laugh.

    Tweet After posting my gloomy piggy news, I was drawn to these YouTube videos was originally posted by The Monevator (one of my favourite money blogs of all time). Please watch with a sense of humour. For all of you financial geeks and/or bloggers: Hitler […]

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