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  • I feel rich…

    Tweet Some people may not consider $50,000 in a net worth “rich”, but when you try to live on small amounts of money; have a potential to make much more money in the future if you save… then I do feel rich. I can live […]

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  • My Goal: What I am really Working and Saving Towards

    Tweet Sometimes I ask myself why working all the time to make all this money. What is my purpose? I don’t really care about reaching a million Yes, I put it as my goal to reach financial milestones, but I couldn’t care less about the […]

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  • I failed, y’all… but it was the best failure ever.

    Tweet But I am strangely optimistic! I failed my driving test. *sigh* It’s too embarrassing to talk about. I think my problem was I was expecting it to be harder, so I made myself UBER nervous. I was PERFECT for 3 hours in the car, […]

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