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  • 100 Years of East London Style

    Tweet What a fantastic video. Nothing to do with money, of course… but WOW! 🙂 Via Dolly Dahl & Bonne Vie

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  • Emergency Fashion Kits

    Emergency Fashion Kits

    Tweet Whenever I think of all the fashion emergencies I’ve had over the years (no wardrobe malfunctions, but close to them!), I always try to keep a list and update what I think I would need as an emergency fashion kit to deal with anything […]

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  • Shopping your closet: 5 major style rules to follow

    Tweet Here’s what I follow as general style rules: The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel should be The louder the piece, the more neutral the rest of the outfit should be Tight things need to be paired with baggier items so you don’t […]

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  • Stylist Secrets for Women

    Tweet I had this list lying around for a while, collecting bits of quotes from a bunch of very fashionable folks from magazines and the like. Enjoy! Observe who looks good and figure out why you like their style Know your body shape Get out […]

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  • The smallest details can really ruin something

    Tweet You know how sometimes you hear the phrase: “The devil is in the details”? It’s so true, it isn’t funny. What you wear, is really important — not that it’s necessarily the right outfit, super fashion forward or polished, but that you have addressed […]

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