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  • Europe 2011 – Part Two (Traveling again)

    Tweet As I mentioned, I’m leaving for Europe (again) pretty soon and I managed to get some numbers out this time because I’ve just booked everything. Where I am going: Paris, France London, England Vienna, Austria Brussels, Belgium Stockholm, Sweden Where the money is going: […]

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  • Back on vacation again: Portugal and Spain

    Tweet I am back on vacation again, folks! I’m in Portugal and Spain this time around until the end of August, so please be patient if anything goes wrong 🙂 I may not have internet connections at all either… so .. er.. yeah. 🙂 Here […]

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  • Officially on Vacation Part Two: Portugal and Spain

    Tweet Just a quick post to let you know that I am on vacation…. again. This time, I’m in Portugal (Lisbon and surrounding cities) and Spain (Madrid, only). I’m probably already stuffing my face with these cream tarts (natas) in Lisbon as you’re reading this. […]

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