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  • Do smokers make more money?

    Tweet I talked about men possibly preferring women who make less money than they do, and if your weight affects how much you earn. But how about smoking? onkel_wart From Barking up the wrong tree, I bring you the answer: NO. Smoking does not make […]

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  • Can you really get rich off playing the Lottery?

    Tweet I once wrote an article called: A Lottery Ticket is not a Retirement Plan, but I may just have to eat my words! Or at the very least, modify them to say: A Lottery Ticket is not a Retirement Plan, but a Scratch Lottery […]

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  • Putting income into perspective

    Tweet CBC News posted a wonderful interactive income map that shows you the earnings of people across Canada, or within each province, and even in each major city. It kind of blows my mind that when I thought earning $66,000 or so (in my previous […]

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