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  • Money and Marriages

    Tweet I read the “The History of Marriage” on the weekend, and started thinking about what she said about how marriage started. Essentially, the history behind marriage is that it was not created for love — it was created for political reasons, religion, family fortune, […]

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  • Why the hell do guys have to pay for everything? :)

    Tweet This article from Well-Heeled about a couple that divorced 25 years ago, really annoyed me. Long story short, they divorced amicably, and signed papers saying they would waive all future rights to alimony from each other. The husband re-married, and 25 years later, the […]

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  • Taking the cake for Lifetime of F*ckage Achivement

    Tweet It always amazes me to hear people I know say that buying a home is no big deal. I mean, granted, they’re not my friends per se.. but some people are under the misconception that owning a home is “no big deal”. It’s just […]

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