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  • Do designer logos improve your life?

    Tweet The start of luxury was based on refinement and restraint in business. It was unseemly for the brands to push products onto their clients, and some found it distasteful to do so. Nowadays, luxury is a billion-dollar business, both legally and illegally with their […]

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  • What do you consider “Designer”?

    Tweet Designer can be a very subjective word. When I asked my friends, they told me that designer was a luxury name brand, like Louis Vuitton or Versace. You know, the idea of thousands-of-dollars-for-just-a-shirt? Just check out the Twitter conversation I had months ago with […]

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  • Why I (think) I don’t like designer items

    Why I (think) I don’t like designer items

    Tweet When I was visiting my best friend the other day, she mentioned going out of control and spending on a Louis Vuitton handbag, as well as a Coach one and a couple of Tiffany items. I first told her how ugly I thought the […]

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