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  • Extreme Small Space Living in Beijing: Long-Term Apartment Pods

    Tweet Many of you might have thought that I lived in a sterile, super tiny apartment (around 450 square feet in total), but it does NOT compare to this. Each small apartment, at 2.4 meters long, 0.90 meters wide and 2 meters high, has space […]

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  • Conceptual Live Tracking Card that tracks your spending

    Tweet The Live Checking Card displays the accumulated spending amount on your card after every purchase. Clearly, the concept itself is nothing short of a nightmare for wives and girlfriends as it displays real time information of their shopping adventures. The underlying technology behind Live […]

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  • Most Expensive Bills in the World

    Tweet Hmm.. I sure wouldn’t mind having any one of these babies in my wallet. Of course, I’d be guarding it like a mofo all the way to the bank to DEPOSIT IT! 😀 Tsk tsk. Outdated conversion. The USD is around $0.94 to $1 […]

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