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  • December 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(1872.06)

    Tweet More than a little awesome David Beckham action for you Yes, it’s a shill for Pepsi, but frankly I am both surprised and not at all cynical that it is a fake and all this other BS. He is that good, period. He may […]

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  • December 2010 Budget Roundup: +$20,355.57

    Tweet Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great holiday off from work (and from being online) and you got to recharge your batteries to to speak. I also hope you don’t have any debt hangover. Also…. SUCCESS!!!!!!!! I AM DONE MY SHOPPING […]

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  • December 2008 Goals

    Tweet Going to keep them simple this month so that I don’t disappoint myself. TOP 3 MUST-DO GOALS 1. Get my corporation taxes/earnings worked out. Am going to talk to H&R Block and figure out what the procedure is. I am going to pay for […]

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