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  • Training yourself to be more organized

    Training yourself to be more organized

    Tweet A couple of years ago, I was the biggest packrat you ever saw. I also had files, folders, music, items all scattered all over my entire apartment and in a HUGE HONKING MESS Then one day, I looked at the pile of papers on […]

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  • Wardrobe Series: Begin to slowly declutter

    Wardrobe Series: Begin to slowly declutter

    Tweet Previous: Determine what makes you feel fabulous Most people give up after they get too ambitious and pull EVERYTHING out of a closet into a big heap on the floor, then get overwhelmed. Don’t be one of them.. Instead of trying to tackle a […]

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  • How to organize your cubicle/office

    Tweet Use containers and file folders Those blue things in her cabinet, and on top of it – are so handy for holding files, little knickknacks that you don’t want to keep out, but have nowhere else to put them, because you need to get […]

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  • Put your life in order

    Tweet Admit it! You’ve never even read those stockpiled catalogs piled on your coffee table, and probably have a broken CD player somewhere. Do you need even more incentives to purge? It’ll literally make you feel lighter and happier. We got rid of about 50% […]

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