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  • Canada vs. U.S.: Comparing the cost of homes by city (Canada seems to be 100% more expensive on the whole)

    Tweet This won’t be super scientific, and I may even have apples thrown at me for this, but I’m going to put it out there that living in Canada doesn’t offer you a whole lot of options for staying in a truly urban city and […]

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  • Why I am moving to Dallas, Texas

    Tweet Everyone’s curious about why I want Dallas, Texas specifically. 1. The food was tasty when we were there. It would have been awful to never have found good grocery stores or areas to shop at, but we found them EVERYWHERE! 2. It’s a big […]

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  • I’m baaaack!!!

    I’m baaaack!!!

    Tweet I had a great time in Dallas, Texas..!! Friendlier Atmosphere The people are ridiculously friendly compared to Montreal or Toronto. Everyone smiled and asked how we were doing, which is a TOTAL change. I mean COMPLETE strangers said “How y’all doin’?”.. All the security […]

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