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  • Great comments from the post about ‘Finding your Dream Job’

    Tweet Jeff from Bluenoser’s Soap Box said: Money money money, I know so many people who are pissed all the time but say that they couldn’t change because the money is so good. When I have moved in the past, the money was one of […]

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  • It’s time for a change.

    Tweet OK, so technically my blogoversary was on December 2nd, but I wanted to start fresh in 2010. Executive Summary Announcing new changes: I am only doing personal finance posts from now on Minimalism & Organization finally has a new home (The Everyday Minimalist) Style […]

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  • Spammers are getting trickier

    Tweet It’s harder to know who is a spammer and who isn’t. But I guess my ad hoc rule is “if you have advertising for something that is NOT a personal blog in your name, I delete your comment”. Or, if you leave a comment […]

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