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  • Ingredients to avoid in your products

    Tweet A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Tricks to Cook Healthy and On Budget. I mentioned how I cook more and more at home to avoid chemicals. But which chemicals am I referring to? Here are ONLY a couple… Note: I know water (for […]

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  • Achieving perfect skin, hair & nails

    Tweet When I was in Portugal, I drank direct-from-the-mountain water. It was so sweet, clear and delicious, it was as they say, just as good as wine. I ate fresh, readily available fruits and vegetables from private gardens, grown without preservatives or chemicals. After a […]

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  • Wearing more natural makeup, and less of it!

    Tweet Did you know that our bodies absorb about 5lbs of makeup chemicals a YEAR through your skin? Via. That means in a lifetime, if you were to live until you are 80, assuming you started wearing makeup daily at 16, you would have absorbed […]

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  • Eco-Friendly Shampoo: Using water only

    Tweet I’m hearing this go around the blogosphere and it’s the end of my 6-week experiment so I’m going to recap what happened and what I’m doing now. None of you have to try this, but .. figured I ought to post my results. FAILED […]

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  • Kiehl’s for a Cause? It’s for a cause all right.

    Kiehl’s for a Cause? It’s for a cause all right.

    Tweet Note about the usage of the word “chemicals” on my blog: To clarify out of respect for chemists and for readers who are really into science (the way I am not), I am not saying “chemicals” to mean EVERYTHING (water, salt, whatever). I am […]

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