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  • Don’t take risks without the promise of a reward

    Tweet This post came about (oddly enough), not when I was thinking about personal finance, but when I was on the road, watching people drive like maniacs. It was raining pretty heavily and with all the water swishing around, anyone would slow down just a […]

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  • Beijing – Shopping and Life

    Tweet More shots of Beijing Life and Shopping. It’s really a new experience to be in the middle of such pollution and to see SO MANY BIKES everywhere. (Actually I meant to write “smell a whiff of a cop”, not spot. Not going to change […]

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  • Hello Kitty takes a ride… in a Ferrari

    Tweet Yes, it’s a real Ferrari, tricked out HK style. Part of me is torn. I think it’s cute as hell to have Hello Kitty shaped exhaust pipes (??!?! –Someone pleaseĀ  help out a poor car-part-name confused FB here). But then I think: DAMN that […]

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