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  • What to buy for your first apartment

    Tweet Thinking back to my very first adult apartment after getting out of college, I thought I’d do a post on what I think would be handy for a first-timer. I remember moving out and thinking: Wait a minute. What do I need? I don’t […]

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  • How to buy for cheaper on eBay or Amazon (from a former eBay seller)

    Tweet I am using makeup as an example, but buying for cheaper on eBay is applicable to almost anything. You just have to be willing to trust the seller, watch out for deals and bid accordingly and at the end, I will tell you how I […]

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  • When should you buy a house? Homeownership versus Renting

    Tweet Came across an interesting article from the Globe and Mail (a Canadian newspaper) a while back discussing why Why Many Homeowners Should Have Rented, excerpts in bold blue below. Now before you all roll your eyes at the article (and perhaps at me?) and […]

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