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  • Do designer logos improve your life?

    Tweet The start of luxury was based on refinement and restraint in business. It was unseemly for the brands to push products onto their clients, and some found it distasteful to do so. Nowadays, luxury is a billion-dollar business, both legally and illegally with their […]

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  • The Insatiable Lust for Logos not Luxury

    Tweet We can all agree, that the true sense of the word “luxury” is not the same today, as it was in the past. In the end, if anyone and everyone can just walk in with enough money and buy whatever they want, is it […]

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  • The dirty secret of designer logo chasing

    Tweet Millions around the world buy and sell counterfeit. You may even own a counterfeit bag, yourself. It is not a victimless crime Don’t fool yourselves. I am far from being able to judge anyone for owning a counterfeit anything, but do not kid yourself. […]

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