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  • What love looks like and what I bought today

    Tweet Love looked like this last night: (Chicken Wings and Rice) No you aren’t seeing things. So how does that equal love? Well it’s because I was absolutely STARVING on Friday, and my belly was growling for a good 3 hours on the futon couch. […]

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  • The secret to a happy relationship is in the sharing

    Tweet You know how there are parts of meals that someone likes but another doesn’t? For example, I like to eat only the stuffing in turkey, but not the turkey itself, whereas my mom hates the stuffing but likes the turkey. Or take dark or […]

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  • When a non-English speaker challenges your language :P

    Tweet This is one of our classic Me & BF moments that always makes me laugh when I  look at a cake: BF: I’m going to go cake now. Me: You can’t use “cake” as a verb. BF: Why not? Me: Because you BAKE a […]

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  • I know I am in love.

    Tweet After I did laundry today, I went for a quick swim (bo-ring!) and came back to take a shower… Look what I found on my mirror after I stepped out out the steamy shower. It was completely unexpected. BF had taken a shower earlier […]

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  • BF’s Frugality is going a bit too far…

    BF’s Frugality is going a bit too far…

    Tweet BF wants us to give up internet when we move to Dallas, TX. I think he’s taking this frugal thing a bit far. He’s even had to be convinced that we NEED a table and chairs! Can you believe that? And we’re talking about […]

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