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  • Don’t forget to wash your reusable bags!

    Tweet Just a friendly reminder to everyone who uses reusable shopping bags (thank you!) to please hot wash them on a regular basis. This seems to only apply if you buy raw meats. Tests on shoppers’ bags revealed half contained traces of E.coli, a lethal […]

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  • Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

    Tweet Okay folks, if you are on shopping bans or a guy then move along! No money talk here, and there are a LOT of girly shopping pictures. Food pictures to follow but in this post I’ll be chatting a lot about shopping, and purchases. […]

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  • I don’t get it. Just ban plastic bags altogether.

    I don’t get it. Just ban plastic bags altogether.

    Tweet Saver Queen’s announcement of Loblaws making everyone pay $0.05 for every plastic bag they use has prompted me to write this short post: Why don’t we just ban plastic bags altogether? (You could buy a really expensive Hermes silk foldable, reusable bag if you […]

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