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  • What do people spend in an average household budget?

    Tweet As you all know, I’ve been reading The Millionaire Mind. (I’m starting onĀ Millionaire Women Next Door, next!) I was nearing the end, and then I came across this awesome chart breaking down average household expenditures, which I think is interesting enough to re-post here: […]

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  • The Average Face of Different Nationalities: Do you see yourself?

    Tweet You know I have to say it…! Happy Valentine’s Day! We celebrate by hugging more and being horribly sappy to each other. BF also makes this amazing meal each year for the two of us. Then we go for a walk and count kissing […]

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  • Putting income into perspective

    Tweet CBC News posted a wonderful interactive income map that shows you the earnings of people across Canada, or within each province, and even in each major city. It kind of blows my mind that when I thought earning $66,000 or so (in my previous […]

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