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  • What I bought!

    Tweet ELECTRONICS Picked up a Canon G12 Camera for my trip to Asia. It was $569.99 in the stores, but I basically price-matched and haggled it down over the next 14 days to $479.99. Savings? Around $90. Long story short, I love it. If you […]

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  • How does it feel after going through a year long shopping ban?

    Tweet Before we start…some companies I’ve been annoyed with lately: rant/ Starbucks Why the hell are some franchises (like ones in a hotel) not under the Starbucks Rewards program? That’s just a load of CRAP. The girl told me: We’re not a normal Starbucks. We’re […]

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  • The Almost Purchase of the Facile Camp Shirt(s) a.k.a How I Curbed My Shopping Temptation!

    Tweet Just the other day I was reminded how far I’d come as a former shopaholic. I was (naturally) lusting after something I couldn’t have: a piece of clothing. Specifically, THIS piece of clothing from Anthropologie: The Facile Camp Shirt And it even comes in […]

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