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  • How to deal with angry people

    Tweet I have definitely been in the position of coming across an angry person (or angry people), and being a very angry person on some occasions. BEING THE ANGRY PERSON Every time I get angry and someone diffuses me effectively, I step back after the […]

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  • Are you teaching others to be mean to you?

    Tweet There’s an article via Psychology Today that highlights something I have thought for years — there is such a thing as being too nice sometimes. The events that follow an action will weaken or strengthen the likelihood it will occur again. In behavioral psychology, […]

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  • You can’t just up and quit, conflict is a part of life

    Tweet When I wrote about my bad work day last week, a lot of commenters wondered a couple of things: Why didn’t I just quit the project Why didn’t I fight back If I could have talked to the boss aside and told her how […]

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