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  • How to buy for cheaper on eBay or Amazon (from a former eBay seller)

    Tweet I am using makeup as an example, but buying for cheaper on eBay is applicable to almost anything. You just have to be willing to trust the seller, watch out for deals and bid accordingly and at the end, I will tell you how I […]

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  • What love looks like and what I bought today

    Tweet Love looked like this last night: (Chicken Wings and Rice) No you aren’t seeing things. So how does that equal love? Well it’s because I was absolutely STARVING on Friday, and my belly was growling for a good 3 hours on the futon couch. […]

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  • I really want this Amazon Graphite Kindle

    Tweet … but why the heck is it NOT expandable with an SD card!? *face palm* I’m even willing to pay their massive $379 price tag, because I wanted something under $1000 (yes, under $1000), that was at least 9.7″, and could hold all of […]

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