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  • 100 Chinese Food Things MEME

    Tweet I’m on a roll with these meme’s! And these ones are more fun than the average “who are you”.. bla bla bla 🙂 Who cares who I am! I only care about what I eat! Different deal from before. Bold + Green if I’ve […]

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  • 100 North American Foods

    Tweet Am getting lazy. No links. Same deal as before. Bold if eaten, Strike out if you’ll never eat it. 1. New York pizza 2. Hoppin’ John 3. New Mexico green chile 4. Homemade buttermilk biscuits 5. Tasso 6. Whole Maine lobster 7. Calabash-style shrimp […]

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  • 100 Foods – Have you tried most/any of them?

    100 Foods – Have you tried most/any of them?

    Tweet This is an interesting food meme. Origins? here. Things I’ve Eaten are in BOLD Things I will NEVER EAT are Crossed out For your information, the ones with weird names, I put Google Links to Wikipedia, Websites or Image Searches 100 ADVENTUROUS ITEMS TO […]

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