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I will try and keep this current, but this is where I’ll put all the swatches of the makeup and toiletries I own.

If I don’t list it, I probably don’t use it.

Almost every image can be clicked on to make it larger.


  • Serendipity Serendipitious 3– Still working on my first bottle. Love it.


  1. FACE HOLY GRAIL: Argan Oil. Any brand works as long as it is 100% pure argan oil.
  2. BODY HOLY GRAIL: Used to be Korres but now it’s Caudalie Vino Source Vine Body Butter. The Caudalie stuff smells AMAZING, like.. sparkling citrus with hints of grape. Really divine.
  3. HANDS: Caudalie’s Vino hand cream worked great, but I found a nice New Zealand brand in Singapore called Apicare in the line Repair Me which works just as well but smells like honey! I am pretty much sold on either one being awesome.

Korres Japanese Rose smelled good, but I found in really dry winter months, it didn’t do ANYTHING for my skin any more! 🙁

Argan Oil for my face

I used to use Skyn Iceland’s Oxygen Cream, but ultimately, I found the fragrance too strong and the cream a bit too chemical-y.

Then I tried Korres SPF 5 Rose Face Moisturizer, but I find it a bit too greasy/oily (because of the SPF 5), but the rose smells DIVINE.

Finally, I’ve settled on trying Josie Maran Argan Oil on a whim.

I –love– this stuff for my face. 100% oil, no other additives, no SPF, but it has made my skin feel so soft and moisturized.

I’m done looking. I need to look no farther to stick to using this as my go-to moisturizer.

I use a couple of drops to cover my cheeks and forehead each night.

A small bottle of 0.5oz I bought as a trial is still going strong, and I bought it about 3 months ago. I’d say that the bottle could last another 3 more months.

Holy Grail.

Note: I just got a free sample of Pure & Simple Spa’s Skin Drink Unscented Lotion and I like it too. I find it absorbs better and it doesn’t stay on your skin like a film.


There is a body cream by the same brand but it isn’t as moisturizing for my eczema skin.

I feel the butter sink in, my skin feels softer…. sold.


The less I use, the better, but here are what has passed my test.

  1. HOLY GRAIL: Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser — Smells like white tea and raspberries had a baby cleanser. Review on Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser here. I’m also using the sample of the Pure and Simple Face Wash, and it feels pretty much the same. It leaves a nice moisturizing film like the Korres cleanser, but it doesn’t smell as great (obviously, not fragranced)
  2. HOLY GRAIL: Still looking. Ojon gave me horrible head pimples, Burt’s Bees, Aveda, Hugo Naturals and Dr. Bronners just simply sucked and were either too slick with silicones (Aveda), or too drying (the rest).
  3. Conditioner — I don’t use any. Sorry. I find the Shampoo conditions enough, and if I need more, I throw on olive oil on the ends.
  4. Body Cleanser — I don’t use any. I wash down with a washcloth, and the suds from my shampoo are sufficient.

Long story short, I am on my THIRD bottle of this cleanser and I love it. (This is a big thing because I’m a very disloyal consumer).

I can’t imagine using anything else. I’ve tried drugstore brands, natural brands, and this one is the best of both worlds.

It also smells awesome.




  • FOR PHOTOS: CoverFX Powder Foundation — Easy to apply, heavy coverage.
  • FOR PHOTOS: Stila Powder Foundation — I was too cheap to buy the case, so I just bought the pan and kept it in its plastic case
  • HOLY GRAIL FOR EVERYDAY: Without photos to be taken (especially with flash), I wear Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder. Hands down, BEST foundation ever. Light, silky, if you just put a little you can cover your whole face with a kabuki brush. All my acne scars are gone, and I use less foundation than with powders, liquids or mousses.

Note: I went back to BE after I tried about 4-5 other foundation brands including CoverFX’s liquid version, and MAC. I just can’t get over using BE. I’ve also tried Jane Iredale mineral powder, but it made my face feel just as itchy (if not itchier) than the BE version.

Something about a mineral powder that makes my skin itch on occasion, but it’s not a big deal when I can barely feel the foundation, let alone SEE IT 🙂

When you take photos with it on, it will flash and look horrid. So don’t wear it for big photo op days.


  1. MAC Longwear Concealer in NC25 — Lighter coverage.
  2. HOLY GRAIL: Time Balm TheBalm in Medium — SUPER heavy coverage.
  3. Sonia Kashuk Concealers — I haven’t tried this one out yet but it has 4 colours I can mix and match!

I keep going back to Time Balm’s TheBalm for under my eyes. Even the MAC one doesn’t come close to it.

If I use it with my Bare Escentuals, I am wearing very little makeup. A lot less than before.


I find this really pretty, and I don’t generally wear bronzer at all because I’m not pale.

The gold shimmer from this is flattering on every single skintone, because it doesn’t make anyone look too muddy or strange.

  • HOLY GRAIL: Annabelle Zebra in Haute Gold


I have all the ones I need now. 3 palettes = all the nudes, neutrals and slightly NOT neutral colours that are still very wearable for work and day.

I have all the colours I need to play with, wear and experiment with.


Purchased slightly used for $38 USD shipping included. I love this palette.

All the colours are beautiful, and the last two colours I can use for a smoky eye once I learn how to do one.

Runner up would be the Sonia Kashuk brand.


These shadows don’t have names, just numbers from 1-10:


This palette is VERY shiny, low on pigment and kind of just pretty for a quick wash of colour.

Image yoinked from Rae of theNotice who takes far better makeup photos than I ever will, including swatches!!

See? Here’s my pathetic attempt and it took 3-4 brushstrokes to get these colours!

Now for all of the colours from trios, quads and singles:


I only like about 3 colours in this quad. The third one blends right into my skin so I am less excited by it.

#1 is a light white, the #2 is more of a brownish purple, and #4 is dark brown.


I really like this trio. The #2 is like a light orange gleam and together it makes for an easy, nice eye.


I think these Annabelle single posts are gorgeous. Gleam is a light gold and Cloud is a light purple lilac that isn’t too strong.

The pigments are nice, and the powder is soft and silky.


I got this for free in one of blah.suzie’s giveaways. The eyeshadow is soft, beautiful and the colour is a very pale peachy sort of pink.

It’s really pretty!


This colour is really beautiful, pigmented but there’s a lot of fallout.

It’s also intense.


I really don’t like Covergirl eyeshadows.

They’re too light, and this colour is way too shimmery for real life. I’d need to use it just to highlight my lower lash line but not much else.

Better suited for girls who are pale. I may get rid of this.


  1. HOLY GRAIL: Annabelle Smoothliner in Brown – This goes on like butter. I LOVE this line.
  2. HOLY GRAIL: Urban Decay Rockstar – Prettiest purple, the shot doesn’t do it justice. I have the big one too.
  3. Marcelle Amethyst – Another purple, harder liner, but gives a thin line.
  4. Smashbox Imperial – Given to me for free with the Urban Decay Palette, smooth pencil.
  5. Annabelle Smoothliner in Sapphire – I have almost every colour in this line.
  6. Annabelle Smoothliner in Gunmetal – Not very dark on my eyes, I love it.
  7. Marcelle Bronze – Goes on smoother than the Amethyst colour in this line. Gorgeous bronze.
  8. HOLY GRAIL: Urban Decay Whiskey – Goes on like butter, love the colour, came with the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
  9. HOLY GRAIL: Urban Decay Zero – My only black eyeliner, I find it harsh, but came with the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
  10. HOLY GRAIL: Urban Decay Stash – The prettiest khaki green and gold eyeliner. I really like it.
  11. Annabelle Smoothliner in Emerald — A really bright jungle green.
  12. Gosh Bananas – I like lining my lower lashline with this.
  13. Bonne Bell Tiger’s Eye – I use this for my eyebrows, which is why it almost blends into my skin.

Not pictured:

  • Urban Decay – Midnight Cowboy (I use it to highlight my lower lash line)
  • Urban Decay – Baked (Ditto)
  • Urban Decay – Bourbon – I LOVE this shade of brown! It’s not like the dark brown of my Annabelle, and it’s buttery smooth.

I gave away Whiskey and Zero (the double-ended pencil) to my mom to use. She has awful taste in makeup because she never wants to buy anything expensive, so it went to a great cause.


  1. HOLY GRAIL: Tarte Tipsy – Smells like peaches and I really like it!
  2. Cargo Molokai – First blush I ever owned. I made it down to the pan 🙂
  3. CoverFX Bronzing Blush – Has a bit of a gold shine to it, a lot like Cargo
  4. Benefit Benetint – Smells like roses, very liquidy and is just gorgeous on bare skin

This blush is a bit sticky and takes some time to rub into your cheeks, but it looks like your skin is glowing with colour.

This is the first blush I’ve ever owned. It feels moisturizing, light and not too pink.

I bought this for a slightly deeper, golden sort of sheen in a blush but to be close to the Molokai shade.

This is a liquid blush that could go on both your lips or your cheeks but I prefer it for my cheeks.

The smell is just gorgeous, like fresh roses. It’s darker and more berry-toned than my other blushes.


  1. HOLY GRAIL: W.H. Smith Rose Salve in a Tube — I use this 99% of the time (not pictured)
  2. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain — Poppy kind of colour
  3. Lancome Juicy Tube — I don’t know what colour this is but it’s sticky, goopy, but shiny
  4. HOLY GRAIL: Smashbox Lip Gloss in Artiste — Got this for free with the Urban Decay Naked palette and I LOVE IT
  5. CoverGirl NatureLuxe Lipsticks — Feels like a balm, looks like a lipstick and has SPF 15. Sold. I have it in 2 colours: Pinot and Cabernet
  6. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain — I do one swipe of this in Forbidden (it’s really dark on my lips) and cover it in balm. Finished!

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