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  • Faucet Money Leak

    How to plug money leaks when you’re surrounded by idiots

    Tweet Since arriving at my childhood home for the holidays, I’m constantly reminded of two traits I dislike about my family: 1) They’re really loud and, 2) They’re wasteful. The former bugs me a lot, but not nearly as much as the latter. On several […]

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  • Big Payoff, Tiny Effort

    Tweet As much as I like to discover groundbreaking ways to save an extra twenty bucks here and there, during the final seconds of a purchase decision, I forget nine-tenths of the frugal knowledge I amassed over the years. Despite all of the new life […]

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  • Empty Wallet

    5 Common Sayings Loved By Penniless People

    Tweet Voluntarily broke people keep an arsenal of clever excuses handy to justify dumb financial moves. Instead of practicing self-denial and amassing wealth, they rationalize themselves into a web of maxed out credit cards, overdrawn checking accounts, and underfunded retirement assets. Apparently, it’s easier to […]

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  • How to Live on $250K a Year

    Tweet With the Bush tax cuts nearing expiration and President Obama threatening to veto any bill that extends lower tax rates for the wealthiest among us, folks on both ends of the political spectrum debate over what constitutes rich. President Obama believes individuals and married […]

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  • Woman with Christmas Gifts

    The Bastardization of Christmas

    Tweet For years, I’ve refused to participate in the Christmas madness. I gradually came to this decision. One evening, during my freshmen year of college, I overheard a young man proudly state, “I don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s a pagan holiday.” After learning the definition of […]

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