Writing content for your website that will rank and convert well

Almost regardless of what type of business you run, having a website makes sense. It ensures that you are easy for potential customers to find and opens up all kinds of opportunities to make some extra money. You can get into affiliate marketing; sell advertising space on your site, even set up a small online shop. So, it really is investing a bit of time into building a good website. 

That means regularly publishing content. Doing this will help you to appear high in the rankings, which means you will get more potential clients to check out what your business has to offer. But it needs to be good content for you to be able to rank well and get people to buy from you rather than your competitors. Below, are a few tips to help you to write the kind of articles your site needs. 

Follow Google’s writing guidelines 

To rank well, you need to give Google what it wants. Seemingly small things like citing your sources properly by using the APA citation tool on the Scribbr website can make a difference.  

As you will see when you read Google´s content policy, original content is right at the top of the list of things that they are looking for. If you are going to copy and paste what others have to say on a subject into your website, you really do need to make it clear where you got it from. This link will take you through to their content policy page. 

Learn about SEO 

It is also worth learning about SEO and uses the recommended techniques when creating content for your website. Doing so will improve the chances of your web pages appearing on page one. The fact that 93% of people rarely go beyond the first page of the search results means that ranking well is vital.

Address and solve your visitor’s problems 

These two things are important, but you have to be careful not to lose sight of the fact that you are there to please potential clients. You want to motivate them to choose you rather than someone else. The best way to do this is to demonstrate to them that you understand what they want and can offer it.  

Better still, pick a problem that a lot of people have and prove that you can solve it. If you are a painter and decorator, you could, for example, write an article about getting rid of persistent damp and mould. You can explain what it is, what causes it, even how to solve the issue. Then, point out the fact that solving it takes hard work and that you only have to miss a bit for the damp and mould to quickly come back. 

At this point, you tell them that you can sort this issue out for them. You have the experience and specialist equipment to make sure that the damp and mould will stay away. At this point, you link back to your services page. This is where you sell your services and get people to hire you.

Building a website and maintaining it takes time. But, without a good website, it will be harder for your business to thrive. So, you really do need to build a good one.

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