Saving money on day trips and holidays as a single parent

It is vital to spend time together doing activities as a family, but when you are a single mother this can be difficult to accomplish. Journalists recently revealed that is much more expensive for single parents to take their children out for day trips and holidays, for instance. This includes family-friendly destinations like Hong Kong. After all, single parents have to carry the entire financial burden for a family in a way that two-parent families simply do not.


Thankfully, there is a wide array of free events and attractions that families can take part in together. This can allow single parents to enjoy fun activities even on a low budget. You can find everything from free cinema events to fun workshops at your local libraries, museums and galleries. Bookmark their websites or give their social channels a follow; they might be able to offer some inspiration about family events for single parents that do not break the bank.


Many single parents say they cannot even entertain the idea of going abroad with their children due to the exorbitant costs. However, single parents can find cheaper deals if they want to go on vacation. There are specially-tailored holidays available from the family charity Take A Break, for instance, as well as the non-profit organisation Single Parent Travel Club. It would be useful for money-conscious single parents to keep their sites in mind.


Single parenting is a very rewarding experience, but the reality is that it can be so much more expensive for them compared to two-parent families. There is no one else to split the cost between when you are a single parent. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from enjoying memorable activities together as a family. From small local events to big family holidays, there are a few ways in which you can spend quality time together without breaking the bank.


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