Simple Shortcuts to Your Millionaire Lifestyle Dreams

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Hypothetical plans for winning the lottery are entrenched in our social interactions – everyone’s had one of these pie-in-the-sky conversations at least once on a hot summer day. Do you often daydream about an indulgent, luxurious lifestyle? Maybe you have some debts you’d love to get cleared once and for all? Or, like most of us, perhaps you’d just like to be your own boss and take some long vacations now and then? All of these situations have one thing in common: a lack of funds to achieve the goal in your mind’s eye – which is where those lottery dreams come into play.

Illustrious Interiors

One of the key focus areas for lottery-winning pipe dreams is often on what you’d have in your dream house. The good news is most of us can pull off a Pinterest-perfect interior illusion of luxury thanks to a little elbow grease and some stellar crafting work. Between angling to find the lottery with the best odds and refining your number-picking methods, consider these quick projects to elevate the look and feel of your home interior a few tax brackets for a fraction of the price.

Build Gorgeous Gallery

Grabbing a paint brush and some frames from your local thrift store to turn your most ho-hum photo prints and even your kid’s school artwork into stellar works of art with chunky gilded frames. The wow factor of this simple interior décor swap is worth the effort – you’ll have a photo display that looks like a million bucks in hours.

Complete a Culinary Conquest

Another excellent use of your non-daydreaming time and muscle power would be creating a delicious space for cooking and enjoying tasty meals made with gorgeous gourmet ingredients. Building your dream kitchen can easily run to hundreds of thousands of dollars – but with some clever DIY hacks, you can transform your current kitchen into a style that suits your millionaire dreams. Whether that’s a sleek, sophisticated modern kitchen trimmed with stainless or an analogue, antique utopia – the choice is yours.

Resplendent Reclamations

Among the more glorious elements in your million dollar daydreams, there are probably beautiful pieces of bespoke art and furniture peppering your home. While it’s easier to go out and commission or buy pieces you find in quirky shops or from trendy artisans, you can achieve similar effects by hunting down disused wood and other elements in your local area. Then, follow a simple tutorial for making the sort of feature wall or other project your heart wants.

Featured Floors

Often overlooked, floor coverings are a truly luxurious touch to most living spaces. While we can’t all run out and purchase an antique Aubusson rug before we’ve hit the lotto, there are scads of high-quality rugs available that are similar in style. What’s more, for those willing to trawl through thrift stores, antiques bizarres, and estate auctions, there are plenty of authentic Oriental rugs on the market at knock-down prices. All you need is the willingness to undertake a bit of cleaning and restoration work.

These are just the tip of the cut-price alternatives to high-cost accessories for your dream home as a lottery winner. Why wait to hit the big one when you could get to work on living your dream today?

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