Travel Writing: How to Write an Impressive Essay

Even if you are not an avid traveler, being a high school, college or university student you will face a necessity to write travel essays. In those essays iyi oil how to cover not only your experience, but also your impressions, etc. Writing an essay on travelling is not the most challenging task, as you are not supposed to make extensive research and use many sources to support your reasoning, but at the same time you will have to add some personal touch and emotions to make your essay engaging and impressive. To succeed,use our effective tips one after another.

Write a Brief Plan

A brief plan is a must, but we don’t recommend to spend time on writing a thorough outline, as it will not be very helpful when it comes to an essay. Your plan should include only some general questions to cover. It is your personal guide to follow, you are not supposed to show it to your professor so don’t make it polished. Your plan is a basic skeleton of your future essay, so it should be solid and comprehensive.

Gather Some Extra Information

Of course, your experience is the most valuable one for creating an impressive essay, but you should also pay attention to some extra information available online about the place you have visited. You should not just rewrite Wikipedia of course, but it is a good idea to insert some facts in your essay. You can also make a brief comparison. For example, guides say that a particular place of interest is attractive thanks to its food, but you didn’t find it that tasty. Write why, elaborate on your expectations and how disappointed you were. It is just a small example, but you can use such tricks to make your travel essays much more convincing and impressive.

Read Several Successful Travel Blogs

There are people who earn thousands of dollars writing about travel. You should learn some of their tricks and use them in your academic essays. Focus on style and content, because,of course, formatting will be different. You are not supposed to write a place review, as many bloggers do, so focus on tricks they use to make readers return to their descriptions again and again.

Don’t Write Banal Things

It is exceptionally boring to any professor to read one more essay about the warm Sun, and beautiful sunset, and tasty pasta in a small Italian restaurant. So make sure these common descriptions don’t take over your essay. Of course, you can’t get rid of them fully, but you should not create your paper based on them. Think of something original, something that was specific for your trip only, something that you will remember in years to come. Be specific, when needed write about practical aspects, like customs, prices, problems in the hotel, etc. Consider yourself a writer, not a student with a due date.

Proofread Your Essay Thoroughly

Many students neglect proofreading and it becomes a real disaster. Even the most experienced writers from professional essay writing services use grammar and style checkers to proofread final drafts. Unlike them, you don’t have a team of expert editors, so make sure to allocate enough time before submission to read every abstract and look for mistakes and technical omissions. It will be also beneficial if you have time to check your travel essay using online anti-plagiarism software. Originality matters, and even when you are sure you didn’t borrow a word, technical plagiarism can let you down.


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