5 Affordable Ways To Travel Across The Country

Many travelers refrain from touring the country because of their budget. Travelers like yourself turn down the trips of their dreams due to financial instability. Between transportation, sleeping quarters, and food, sticking to a budget seems impossible. Fortunately, it is possible to travel in style. With the right planning, you can take the trip of your dreams without putting a huge hole in your wallet. Continue reading to discover the most affordable ways to travel across the country.

Take Trains

Travelers who take trains across the country save money and time. You can purchase a USA rail pass that can bring you to hundreds of destinations. Once you decide on your destinations, you have the option to pick between a 15, 30, or 45-day trip. If you plan to travel for longer, you can always combine train travel with another inexpensive form of transportation. However, remember that you can potentially save more time traveling by train because you do not hit any traffic. Thus, you could make it to all of your desired destinations in less time. Look into traveling by train as an affordable way to journey across the country.

Sleep At Campsites

Another cheap way to travel across the country is by sleeping at campsites. Whether you travel by car, hitchhike, or fly to your destinations, camping can save you a ton of money. Most campsites demand less than $20 per night when traveling through places like Montana and Wyoming. That is a lot cheaper than getting a hotel room or renting a house. Look for a site that offers clean drinking water and bathing facilities. Then, you can stick to your budget and gain access to the commodities you need to continue traveling comfortably.

Rent Airbnbs

If you do not feel comfortable camping in a tent, you can rent Airbnbs to stick to your budget. By using the Airbnb app on your phone, you can find safe homes to rent for relatively cheap. The app allows you to search for homes, apartments, and rooms. You can also examine the assets each place offers before making a payment. That way, you can ensure that you get the best deal. Furthermore, you can choose your price range and Airbnb will narrow down your results to match your desires. Airbnb provides inexpensive places to stay all over the country, making it a great way to travel.

Get An RV

Another great, inexpensive way to travel across the country is by RV. If you do not want to take public transportation or sleep at campgrounds, you can still travel from state to state affordably. You can combine your transportation with your sleeping quarters by renting or buying an RV covered by extended warranties at Good Sam. Since one of your biggest expenses will be gas, use apps to search for the cheapest gas stations near you. Plan them out ahead of time to ensure that you can make it to them. When traveling across the country, spending ten cents less on gas each time you fill up will add up. Stick to your budget by renting an RV and planning out your gas stops ahead of time.

Join A Travel Rewards Program

Lastly, consider joining a travel rewards program to save money while traveling across the country. Although buying flight tickets is not the cheapest way to travel, you can stick to your budget with a good program. Look for an airline that offers multiple kinds of loyalty programs. Some have revenue-based loyalty programs. With others, you earn points based on miles. Decide which will benefit you the most during your journey to get the maximum travel rewards. Consider booking hotels that offer points as well. If you plan accordingly and choose the best plan, you can affordably travel from state to state by plane inexpensively.

Take the trip of your lifetime and stick to your budget at the same time with the most affordable ways to travel across the country. Take trains to each of your destinations with a 15, 30, or 45-day ticket. Set up camp at each destination as a cheap alternative to renting hotel rooms. If you’re not a fan of sleeping outside, rent Airbnbs within your budget. You can combine your form of transportation with your sleeping quarters by renting an RV. Additionally, joining a travel rewards program is a great option for travelers who prefer flying to each destination. These are all affordable ways to travel across the country.

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