How to Have Fun with Friends When Low on Money

No matter how hard you work at your job and how many extra hours you put in, there will always be times when an unexpected bill comes through your letterbox, and you wind up short on cash. When this occurs, you will need to cut back on the luxuries of your life in order to make sure that you can still afford the necessities and, while you need to this is, it is never fun having to say no to going out with friends and staying in all alone. The thing is, you don’t have to stop being social just because you are a little short on money. Instead, you just have to get creative. To help you out, this handy guide will give you three great ideas on how to continue seeing your friends and having a blast, no matter how much money you have in the bank right now.

Everyone chipping in

The first idea you should consider is finding an activity that all of your friends and you can do together where everyone can chip in to pay the overall cost so that you are still able to go out and have a great time without anyone getting out of pocket more than the others. For example, visiting an Escape Room is a great idea for this as you can split the fee between you and have lots of fun working together to try and find your way out of the room before the timer goes off. An escape room is also a great way to spend an evening or day off together because the nature of having to solve all the puzzles and crack all the codes means that no one will be on their phones and you will be able to properly enjoy each other’s company without any distractions.

Make your own bar

If you and your mate enjoy going out for drinks and swanky bars, then a great alternative when you are trying to save some dollars is to make your own bar at home. By following some easy cocktail recipes, you can recreate your favorite party atmosphere without having to fork out for the expensive prices of cocktails from a bar. To help afford this, a good idea is to have everyone bring along at least one ingredient to the party. Another idea is to choose one alcohol, such as vodka for example, and only make cocktails that use this spirit as this will save money on having to buy expensive bottles of alcohol and instead you can spend money on tasty, cheaper mixers.

Swapping not shopping

A final idea is to learn how to host a swap party instead of splashing the cash on a shopping spree. Get all your friends to gather together clothes, DVD’s, and any items they no longer want and bring them to your house; then everyone can haggle and swap unwanted items for things they do want, without having to spend even one cent.

Just because you’re low and on money doesn’t mean you need to stop yourself having a great time.


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