How to Make Money for Fun This Summer

Summertime is filled with opportunities for freedom and adventure with family and friends. It’s also fleeting and should be taken advantage of before it’s over. However, finding the money to be able to do everything you want to can be extremely challenging; should you miss out on summer fun because of your bank account?

The answer is a resounding no! Here are some great ways to make some extra money when you need a loan and want to get cash now, before the leaves start to fall.

Sign Up for Market Research Groups

There are numerous, legitimate market research groups that will pay you for your time. Their practices include phone interviews, in-person focus groups, and even online surveys. Signing up with one of these groups can help you make some extra pocket cash with which you can have fun with your friends between paydays.

It’s important to do some research of your own before signing up with a group. Take some time to ensure that the research organization is legitimate, and that you can count on getting paid as promised.

Teach a Course

Everyone’s good at something. Why not share your knowledge with others for a small fee? Put together a course to teach others a skill in which you have experience or training. For example, an aspiring artist might put together an art class. A bartender can put together a fun mixology course. Put together a budget and framework, then advertise your course for registration.

Look into renting a community room at the local grocery store or using an affordable space to host your course, rather than at your home. Make sure you don’t require any special licensing or have it in place before you start taking registration.

Meal Prep Services

Meal prep services are making a killing these days, as people strive to eat healthier and spend less money at restaurants. Find a few clients and prepare their meals for them on a weekly basis, scaling up and down as needed. You will require some basic cooking skills to make this work for you.

Again, budgeting will be of the utmost importance when taking on this task. Take a trip to the grocery store and see what you can make at an affordable cost and determine what your price point will have to be to make extra money for your efforts.


For people who work full-time jobs, coming home and dealing with mowing lawns and weeding gardens is a pain. Take this opportunity to canvas your neighborhood, offering to mow lawns, weed gardens, prune hedges or address any other yard work needs for a fee. You can even create package bundles or see if anyone would like to make a weekly commitment for a discount.

This task is especially helpful for young people looking to make some extra cash. You can return to clients in the fall and winter to rake leaves and shovel snow as needed. If you have a truck and lawn mower, then you’re all set.

Virtual Assistant

Create a side-hustle as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are people who help run a business from the comfort of their own homes, taking on tasks from business owners who lack the time or desire to address certain components of their business. There’s a wide range of services a virtual assistant (VA) can offer. Anything from scheduling to managing social media to creating graphics and filing emails can fall under this umbrella.

The beauty of this gig is that you can take on as much or as little work as you like. Some people even make virtual assisting their full-time job!

Whether you decide to get a short-term loan to fill the gaps while taking time off or work on the side to make some extra spending cash, make sure you have some fun this summer and create some happy memories.

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