Identifying Your Biggest Financial Struggle

Hi, my name is Vero. I am 33 years old and I’ve been a financially active person for 20 years without knowing what I’m doing wrong. What if your financial difficulties were caused by your ignorance on that matter as well? I read over and over again on how to set a budget, how to put money aside, how to choose the best investment, how to downsize my spending, etc. But my overall situation hasn’t changed much. I’ve had ups and downs but the big picture is very similar to what it was, let’s say 5 years ago. How is that possible?

I know nothing about my financial weaknesses.

What Is My Biggest Financial Struggle?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? When it comes to finance, I try to be as positive as possible because I sometimes find the topic to be heavy. Maybe it is the reason why I never took time to identify my biggest weakness or what I struggle with the most. Is it my spending? My saving? My lack of consistency in doing a budget? My investment strategy?

How can I possibly think it will get better if I don’t know what to improve?

I have written on personal finance for years now. I’ve read more on the topic than the majority of people will in their lifetime. I know many tools. Do I use them? The honest answer is: not very much.

How is that?

My biggest financial struggle has nothing to do with finance after all. It has to do with my attitude. My biggest financial struggle is being dedicated to my finances. I have not set it as a top priority just yet. Let’s say it is in my top ten. But not the top five.

I lack consistency.

I lack motivation.

I lack overall organization.

Conclusion: I’m not dedicated

And trust me, with three kids I know what dedication is! 😉 I’m dedicated to my family, my husband, my passions and even my work. But not to my financial situation. I just realized that it’s bad for all the other dedications I might have. Finance and money can be such a powerful mean to all the rest!

I must say, I’m ashamed to admit it. I can’t believe I’ve done so much yet so little in all these years! I’ve tried many things but the fuel for the car was absent!

Not identifying your biggest financial struggle might be what you’re doing wrong all this time! You might have all the latest performance tools in your phone or your computer, if you don’t have the right attitude, you won’t get anywhere!

  • On the other side, you might be highly motivated and focused but don’t use the right tools for you.
  • You might also lack knowledge and trust people who don’t really work for your needs.
  • You might save a lot. But spend too much.
  • You might spend very little. But save nothing.
  • You might not be organized enough, or too much.
  • You might reward yourself too much, or not enough.

Only you know. But stop doing all you do now. Take a couple minutes to think about it. What is your biggest financial struggle?

Once you know it, get back to work! Don’t let this mistake be a choice!


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