Know The ABCs Of Your Loan

Loan shopping doesn’t come naturally to every American. In fact, most individuals who turn to short term loans aren’t aware of three simple pieces of information that can help them choose assistance that works within their financial limits. Luckily, it’s as easy as ABC to remember what to look out for while on your own search.


The first step to finding a responsible loan is locating a direct lender that provides them. You can do that by ensuring your local lender has the appropriate certificates to provide cash advances in your area. Each individual state has its own specific regulations determining the size and terms of these products, and they award those businesses that follow these laws with a license.

When you ensure a lender has this essential accreditation, you’re starting your search on the right foot. These laws are in place to ensure direct payday lenders like MoneyKey provide reasonable rates, terms, and conditions. More importantly, this license prevents predatory lending scams from gaining traction as a business.

Budget Friendly

Americans often jump headlong into short term loans without first examining the rates, terms, and conditions. Even when working with a fully licensed lender this can bring about financial troubles sooner rather than later. Due to their expedience and shorter terms, these products naturally have a higher interest rate than secured loans through traditional banks. It’s important to read the full rates, terms, and conditions of your small dollar loan to make sure it’s within your capabilities to repay in full by the scheduled date.


When it comes to small dollar loans, timing is everything. When a due date is quickly approaching, you need to find a loan that can connect you with fast access to cash. A direct lender can do this by maintaining a simple, straight-forward application that’s convenient to complete. By streamlining their online process, they can qualify, review, and approve requests faster than other lenders. Be on the look-out for no-nonsense summaries of their products with clear instructions on both how to apply and to access representatives for assistance.

By keeping in mind these three essential features, your next loan can be a responsible addition to your budget. Eliminate the stress of navigating the market of cash advances by arming yourself with knowledge. Once you know what to expect from your loan, you can work on finding a lender that makes it happen.

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