Cash-Strapped and in College: Simple Ways to Make Money and Still Have Time to Study

College life is well sought by teens and well remembered by those in their twenties and beyond.  However, when you’re going to college and focused on the present, it can’t be all fun and games.  For one, students need to study to pursue a degree and get a great job.  Secondly, most have to pay their way through school.  Even those with scholarships may need to find ways to put spending money in their pockets.  Here are simple ways to make money while leaving time to focus on studying.

Delivery Driving

Pick up shifts at a campus pizzeria or chain pizza restaurant.  Use your vehicle to bring pizza to friends, classmates, and locals.  You can arrange your work schedule around your school schedule.  What’s nice about food delivery is that you can work either lunch or dinner shifts.  Moreover, most places are busiest on Friday nights and the weekend, times you’re not likely to have class.  So, you can ask to work those money-making shifts.

Buying and Selling Items

Buy and sell items online, attempting to make a profit from the endeavor.  There’s money to be made if you have an acute sense of awareness for deals as well as finding items that you can turn around and sell for a higher price.  Scour local garage sales and antique stores, take photos and upload descriptions to an online platform such as Craigslist.  Of course, you may host your own offline garage sale after collecting a number of items you hope to make a profit from.

Selling Personal Items

You can forego the process of buying and selling to private parties by selling items directly to a commercial buyer.  Sell electronics, textbooks, and other items to businesses interested in buying your used goods. Sell my stuff solutions are just steps away.  If you have quality items, see if vendors will provide you with cash for turning them in.  It’s an easier alternative to buying and selling, and in many cases, one can get paid quickly.

Tutoring Classmates

It’s highly likely that your classmates will need help in an array of subjects.  If you’re a wiz at math, writing, science, or any area of study, let it be known and see about making money by tutoring.  Some tutors charge an upward of $100 for specialised and advanced subjects.  Basically, you can charge what people are willing to pay for your expertise.

Stocking Boxes

If you don’t mind being on your feet for hours at a time and can lift up to 50 pounds, you can get a job in a warehouse stacking boxes and merchandise for shipping.  It’s a monotonous position, yet big suppliers like Amazon and Zappos need people to help meet the ever growing demand of online shoppers. Who knows? A part-time college position may evolve into a full-time office position someday.

Waiting On Tables

Being a waiter is one of the typical jobs for those working through their school years. One gets paid each shift, has some liberty in choosing lunch or dinner shifts, and the amount of hours needed to make cash allows a student for plenty of time to study. For example, if you land a job at a high-end restaurant and work Friday through Sunday, then you may make enough so you do not need to work during the school week.

Taxi Driver

You don’t have to be a traditional taxi driver but can become one of the growing number of employees working at companies like Uber and Lyft. Use your own vehicle to pick up passengers and take them to where they need to go. Presently, drivers report great liberty regarding hours worked.  Some drivers simply turn on an app that signals they are ‘ready’ to take requests. After, a driver can turn off the app and deny requests.


Those who are 21 and over can serve alcohol while reserving time to attend classes and study.  Bartending, like waiting tables, can amass a lot of money in a short amount of time.  Similar to above, a bartender may only need to work but a couple shifts per week depending on the payout.  A bartender working a few or more shifts per week can make an upward of $1,000.

Campus Worker

Go to your campus work-study center and inquire about jobs that are available. Universities often employ its own students to help them pay for an education.  Moreover, supervisors are well aware of a student’s need to attend classes and study, so the former party is extra sensitive. You may be assigned to work in the library or in the campus cafeteria.


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