How To Start Your Blog With A Limited Budget


There are hundreds of thousands of people that would want to start a blog but they do not think they have the money to do it. This is just a misconception since starting a blog in 2017 is definitely a lot simpler than what you may think at the moment. The truth is we are faced with so many opportunities and you will be able to start a site in just a few minutes. Just look online for information about how to create a WordPress blog and you will quickly learn a lot about a very simple option that is available for most people.

The only problem is there is a clear lack of information available about this subject. It is normal since most people are not tech savvy. If you do not have much money and you want to open a blog, here are some things you may want to be aware of.

Buying The Domain Name

One of the largest initial investments you will make is buying the domain name for the blog. If you do not have any dollar available, you want to go for a subdomain. There are many available. If you do have some cash and you want to limit the expenses, you will want to either pay your domain name for one year or save money on the long run by paying for 5 years. Do the math and see if you need some money for some extras or not. The domain name is very important since this is your online address. Be sure you take as much time as needed to choose a name that will make your blog easy to remember.

Choosing Hosting Packages

Most will tell you that you need to pay a lot of money for high quality hosting. This is completely correct. However, because of the popularity of WordPress and the limited resources consumed, it is really easy to find a hosting package that would only cost some dollars per month. The idea is that when you launch your blog you definitely do not need much from the server as traffic will be low. That means that starter shared hosting is definitely more than enough for you.  As you get more traffic you can upgrade the hosting package but it is also a certainty that you will make more money by that point in time.

Using Free Themes

Website themes that are custom made or paid themes can be quite expensive. However, as you just start a blog, you do not necessarily need to invest so much in the design. You can easily find some free themes that have the necessary customization options available, those that you want to have. In the future it is not at all difficult to invest money in a paid theme or talk to web designers to create something completely unique.

Starting a blog is possible even if you do not have a single dollar. All you really have to do is think about how much cash is available and then act accordingly.




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