Unique Museum Adventure at the de Young in San Francisco

The Bay Area is full of awesome experiences, so much so that the amount of activities to choose from can be completely overwhelming. If you’re looking for an activity that combines culture, history, and fun, look no further than Museum Hack.

Museum Hack hosts renegade and fun museum adventures in some of the world’s best museums. Their tours are anything but traditional and instead focus on high energy games and salacious stories. Don’t expect to stand and silently contemplate the art on a Museum Hack tour. With selfies, games, and gossip to keep you laughing, you’ll experience the museum in a way you may have never thought possible.

In San Francisco, Museum Hack hosts their tours at the de Young. The de Young is one of the most amazing museums west of the Mississippi and is home to eccentric collections, including everything from stuffed birds to modern art.


Museum Hack has several different tours in San Francisco:

Un-Highlights Tour: The de Young is full of some amazing art, a lot of it you might not see on a traditional museum tour.  That’s why it’s perfect for uncovering weird and unique stories about art and the artists who create it. This is a high-energy tour that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will keep you laughing every step of the way.

Badass Bitches Tour: Since female artists are usually underrepresented in museums, Museum Hack developed a tour to celebrate female artists and subjects. An exciting adventure focused on awesome women, this tour will leave anyone feeling empowered and ready to change the world.

Beta Tours: Designed to test new tour guides and new tour ideas, Beta Tours are the perfect way to experience the museum in an unexpected way. Museum Hack recently hosted a murder mystery beta tour at the de Young where guests were tasked with solving the clues to find the killer before they struck again.

VIP Tour: This is a VIP museum experience complete with glasses of wine for guests, plus all the Museum Hack sass and whit. It’s a great option for date night or a night on the town with friends.

Highlights of a Museum Hack Tour in San Francisco


  • Weird and interesting stories and objects that aren’t often highlights of museum tours
  • Tour guides with passion and energy, who LOVE museums
  • Never a dull moment
  • Selfies with the Art

Are you a company looking to do some awesome team activities in San Francisco that your staff will actually love? Museum Hack does team building museum tours, too!  Museum Hack has figured out how to turn their renegade museums tours into custom team building adventures that can help meet any team building need. Company tours focus on games and activities to that help promote team bonding and can be tailored to fit your company values, goals, and history.

You don’t have to be an art or museum lover to enjoy one of Museum Hack’s adventures. Since the tours are designed for people who don’t like museums, they’re a good fit for just about everyone! Whether you are a visitor to San Francisco or a seasoned local, join Museum Hack for a museum adventure like no other.




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