TED talks, (Technology, Entertainment and Design) are designed to uplift anyone who needs a little motivation or uplifting in their lives, careers, and businesses. Though they are normally very brief, they focus on core issues relating to life, business, love and almost anything under the sun. TED talks mainly aim at improving or changing one’s perceptions, beliefs, and methodologies of handling a particular area in life. Those in the stock broking business can also benefit from these talks.


Below are some of the nine best TED talks you should watch as a stockbroker.


  • “Success is a continuous journey” by Richard St. John is one of the most motivating TED talk shows. Richard encourages those who are not yet successful in their businesses not to give up while those who have already achieved success should not abandon the strategies and plans they used to get where they are. They should keep up those traits or better them but never abandon them.


  • Daniel Goldstein, “The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self”- Daniel Goldstein has done intense research on the economic behavior of internet users and has made a career through these studies. He addresses how people in this era are doing less saving yet retiring early. Goldstein will open up your mind on how to save for your future’s benefits.


  • Tobias Preis, “Can Google Predict the Stock Market?” – Preis’s talk on Google and predicting the future on stock markets is eye catching. Tobias goes further to explain that market power cannot predict the future; predictions of expectations of the future trends are set by past performance.


  • “Why 2.5 billion heartbeats might change the way you think about money”– this talk by a neuroscientist by the name of Preet Banerjee will definitely change your thoughts about money as he explains about debt, inflations and other issues related to money that are of essence when it comes to investing and planning for a retirement.


  • Alexa von Tobel, “Personal finance”- Alexa encourages many listeners in her TED talk about a girl and the five crucial financial principles that will save her. Of course the talk is not meant just for girls, it was just a clever way of capturing her audience at the New York Stock Exchange.


  • Annette Heuser, “The three agencies with the power to make or break economies”– Annette shares her sentiments and opinions about how the government is using rating policies that are faulty to rate finances, countries, banks and companies. She explains further what these ratings are and where the faultiness comes in.
  • Macro Vangelisti, “Investing for the world we want”- Macro Vangelisti has studied traditional finance. Any investor in the stock market should pay attention to his talk as he gives ideas on rare tactics to use such as “regenerative investing.”


  • “How to rob a bank (from the inside, that is)” is one of the best TED talk given by William Black. He explains in in-depth about control fraud and banking crisis and collapses. By the end of this talk, you will have to rethink on the people and institutes you trust with your money.


  • “How we can predict the next financial crisis” by Didier Sornette– as the heading suggests, Sornette has mastered the skills in Financial Crisis Observatory and has used this to help predict any hazardous financial crisis, growing systems, as well as blowing systems. His main point in his talk is that everything happening in the financial market was already predicted even though not pronounced, and everything that is to happen in the future of the financial market has a way of being predicted.


Anyone investing in the stock market is advised to get some knowledge from the above-mentioned TED talks. You never know, you might end up a very successful individual or company just by listening to those transforming talks. Your company might end up as successful as CMC who are beneficiaries of TED talks.


If you are ready to make changes to your business today, it is possible and cheap. Know here you have been investing wrongly and make it a point to watch and listen to the nine TED talks that will forever change your perspective of business.


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