Don’t take risks without the promise of a reward

This post came about (oddly enough), not when I was thinking about personal finance, but when I was on the road, watching people drive like maniacs.

It was raining pretty heavily and with all the water swishing around, anyone would slow down just a tad, and go at the speed limit or a little under, rather than OVER.

This, is a prudent thing to do because just in one day alone, I saw 4 major accidents where the cars had their hoods crushed right up to the driver’s side, or was involved in multiple collisions.

It made me think about these people driving crazy in such unusual weather, and risking what is essentially their lives without a real reward.

The reward you might say, is being able to get to wherever they were going about 5-10 minutes earlier…. but is that worth your life?

Or possibly being paralyzed or injured forever?

The answer is a universal: NO.

It also made me think about people who text on their phones while driving on busy highways.


It is (to me), worse than talking on the phone while driving (I don’t condone that either), because no matter how much of a ninja you are, you have to look down, SOMETIME at your phone to make sure you’ve typed in the right words.

Heck, I won’t even turn on music when I am in busy, fast-paced traffic to make sure I drive thoughtfully and safely.

Maybe this makes me a prude, or an overly cautious driver, but at least I’m not the one with the totaled SUV on the side of a highway, sobbing and thanking your lucky stars you weren’t killed.

Does It Apply To Finance?

To a certain extend, it certainly could!

First, like the driver with the phone in his hand, don’t spread yourself too much. Otherwise you might loose it all. Better choose a couple priorities and move to others once they’re done.

Second, some people have a tendency to work more and more hours to get a higher paycheck. It can be a good solution to eliminate debt quickly and move to something else. However, it has to be limited in time. It should be temporary. Working extra hours every week of your life is not worth the reward, hence more money. Simply think about all the moments you’ll miss! On the contrary, working more should be rewarded with having more spare time!

Third, learn from your mistakes. You went too fast with your car once, started slipping around, had the fright of a lifetime. Then, don’t drive too fast anymore, right? As simple as that! Well, same goes with finance. You’ve been close to the line once, don’t go there anymore! Get organized, have a plan, learn!

Last but not least, choose your reward carefully. I worked hard today, I deserve this Starbucks. Maybe you do. But deserving a Starbucks each day quickly pile up in terms of money! Maybe a better reward would be a night out, a trip, some vacations or more “boring” but also more efficient: savings in your retirement account!

Do You Have A High Risk Tolerance?

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