“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.” – Bill Gates


Effective communication is the foundation of all kinds of relationships. Whether personal or professional, problems may arise due to miscommunication. Effective communication does not merely include perfect grammar and usage, but good interpersonal skills too. To be an effective communicator, one should also respect one’s personal beliefs, religion race and gender. Sensitivity to the plight of others is a must. However, language barriers can hinder a good flow of communication. To address that, a professional language translation services company can help you in Linguistic Services, English Translation, Spanish Translation, Automotive Translation and Website Translation and Optimization.


Globalization, defined

Globalization is the integration and synergy among individuals, companies, educational and financial institutions and governments of different countries in order to foster international trade and investments. Thereby, mutual cooperation in upgrading information technology is a priority.

Although Globalization is not a fresh concept, for it started thousand years ago when China traded silk and ceramics, technology has been a powerful driving force in intensifying globalization. Due to these technological advances, the landscape of economy has drastically changed. All economic players [investors, entrepreneurs, corporations and consumers] now various new tools and techniques in making more informed choices, collaborating with other brands and individuals, pursuing non-traditional jobs and transacting faster.



Pro vs. Anti-Globalization

Proponents of globalization believe that it enables citizens from underdeveloped countries to compete economically, thereby improving their way of life. Those who are anti-globalization argue that local culture and security of minority people would be threatened. Both has a point though, and striking a balance between these two (2) clashing ideals can be challenging.



Communication is the soul of all human aspirations. Without it, ideas would not turn into realities. In today’s digitalization, connectivity in politics, religion, economy, education, travel and lifestyle and even personal and romantic relationships is wide-spread and overwhelming.

Through this rapid and powerful communication, e-Commerce businesses, freelancing opportunities, e-services, cyber relationships and ad hoc/mesh network messaging apps boomed. It made our lives incredibly convenient in innumerable ways. You’re late for work, you book an Uber. You’re dating status is dull, so try out Tinder. You don’t have signal and there is an emergency, FireChat your family about it. Traveling? AirBnb gives you options where to stay. It’s that easy, fam.


  1. Avoid Bigotry

Instead of insinuating hatred and intolerance among members of a particular group, be respectful of other people’s beliefs. Do not make ignorant prejudices against anyone just because it does not fit your own ideals. That is just plain rude and unacceptable. Try a healthy discourse instead.

  1. Sensitivity

In a world of full of bashers, be someone who is sensitive to other people’s emotions and psychological well-being. Do not, in any way, participate in cyber-bullying. Victims of cyber-bullying may suffer from lows elf-esteem, anxiety or depression; depending on one’s threshold to emotional pain. In addition, do not mock victims of heinous crimes or persons with disabilities.


  1. Share without expecting anything

If you open up your own beliefs experiences and preferences, do not do it out of persuasion. Pushing people to agree with you will harbor detestation. Just do it out of your will. If they agree, that is good. If not, then respect it. Differences in opinions can also be discussed in a graceful manner, without having to attack the person.


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