How to Get Skinny on a Budget


Every few months there is a new celebrity fad diet to try, or direct to consumer marketing of fitness programs and protein shakes.  Being a young women who is trying to save money, it is hard to decide what is the best option for me, my body, and my lifestyle.  A few goals I have are to live a healthy lifestyle, look hot in the new clothes I bought, but also save money all at the same time.  People always say “it’s hard make time to focus on me”, but even if that is the case, you have to figure it out.  If you do not find time to work on you, then you will probably end up frumpy, cubby and wondering why someone did not tell you how important it was to make time for you.  Eating right and working out does not have to take a lot of time, cost a ton of money, or completely change your life.  There are some great ways to start of your weight loss journey on a budget.

Food programs that are part of multi-level marketing or (pyramid scheme) are way overpriced, but their ideas are not so bad.  Go online and Google some of the most popular food programs and adapt them to your life.  Watch YouTube videos on how to make recipes that they would normally sell.  The internet is a great place to find all kinds of resources and copycat ideas.  Pack your food in containers from the dollar store to save money and help you with portion size.

Frozen healthy dinners are great to keep in the freezer.  Having these will help you order out less takeout when you know you already have something that will take less than five minutes and under 400 calories to heat up in the house.  You can almost always find one brand or another on sale and there are coupons available in the newspaper and sometimes even on the boxes themselves.

Part of prepping for a diet and healthy lifestyle change is buying the right supplements and vitamins.  Do your research and make sure you buy a good protein powder.  Carob can be healthier than cocoa powder and there a so many different kinds of meal replacement bars you can buy and coupons are readily available online and in magazines.

Eating healthy is not the only thing you need to do to get into shape.  Getting a gym membership with a friend or spouse is much cheaper than getting one alone, because you can get the couples deal.  If you do not think you will use your own membership a lot, go as guest with a friend and it free.  Big box stores sell dumbbells and yoga mats are great prices, so pick those things up to get started.  Also check out the free workout videos on demand on your TV.  You can also rent workout videos from a library or order used DVD’s so very cheap on line.

Looking good and feeling and workout plans means you will look great in all the clothes you buy.

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