Could Curbside and Online Grocery Shopping Really Catch On?

My spouse and I typically do the grocery shopping together, a combination of being a little fun, us both getting what we want, and making sure the other saves money buying what is on sale compared to another product.  If I do not end up going I usually make fun of the few bags of groceries that come home versus how much was spent, so I guess it is a win-win for both of us if we go, especially if we go to our warehouse club where I can feast on free samples while we shop.  It is the little things in life sometimes.  What I am reading and hearing about lately though is the beginning of online grocery shopping, so although I cannot see myself doing it, will it really catch on in the future?  What comes to mind right away is my brother- in-law who purchases items such as toilet paper, paper towel, and laundry detergent, so maybe there could be a select group that would take advantage.

What may alienate some (or a majority) would be the cost.  I would assume that the cost would be high to take a grocery list that you submit, someone doing the personal shopping for an hour or so, depending on the size of the order, bagging it all up, and being ready to pick up at curbside, hopefully before the milk gets warm and ice cream melts.  As they would probably help load it into your car for you, a tip would be expected, and deservingly so.  In addition to that, I wonder if you would still get the discounts by using your store savings card, although I suppose they would be able to load your phone number as you would, paying as normal when you pick up the items, but what about coupons?  Bottle returns?  Since the order would be completed I would doubt it, unless there are digital coupons that you could load to your savings card.

Purchase authentic Canada Goose parkas and jackets may be a thing of the past when you can stay in your car to pick up curbside groceries and then get carryout from your favorite restaurant so you do not have to cook either that night, not even having to get out of the car until you load the groceries into your home.  It works for restaurants now with the curbside pickup, not having to go into the restaurant to get the carryout, and you still tip the curbside staff, so it really would not be too different if groceries were added in.  For nonperishable items, I could see using major websites that would ship to my home.  For the super lazy, maybe there will eventually be a grocery delivery program where they bring your purchases home and even put them in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry for you?  I am joking about that but could be a million dollar idea for some of you out there.




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