A Great Weekend in Vegas without Breaking the Bank


There are so many things to do when visiting Las Vegas.  It is definitely one of the most fun places to visit, whether you are visiting with friends or family.  You are able to partake in anything from the exciting shows, including concerts from the best entertainers, to amazing Cirque Du Soleil.  Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the country, not to mention its buffet’s if you are in the mood to splurge.  Although it can be one of the most expensive places to visit, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy America’s Sin City on a dime while still having a great time.  Recently four of us girls visited on a budget.  We decided to go on a whim and purchased last minute deals on hotels and flights, going from Thursday to Sunday, sharing one room in the center of the strip for under $400 per girl.  We still got our share of drinking, dancing, eating; not to mention plenty of fun.  Private mortgage information is usually kept with our husbands, so the finance talk was kept at a minimum and it was a girl’s weekend away.

The first day we arrived late, as we left after we all got off work, but with flight delays, we did not land until after 10pm, so after checking into the hotel we decided to get drinks at our hotel casino bar.  We decided to test our luck on some penny slots, while scoring a few free drinks while we gambled, a definite perk in Las Vegas that other cities with casinos do not offer.  We then decided to check out another casino bar where promotions for their drinks were 2 for 1, so we could not pass that up.  With those cocktails in hand walked the strip and took photos with the many celebrity look-a-likes, watching the street performers, and the free shows that a few hotels provide.  When hungry we ate a food court for under $15 a girl.

On Days 2 and 3 we had the days planned where could save money and still have a great time.  We walked to the liquor store nearby and purchased drinks to keep in our hotel room, as it is Vegas, you can walk around with drinks, so why not provide our own instead of spend top dollar.  Each day we went to the pool, while each night we shared appetizers, pizza, salad, plus a good amount of sangria.  After dinner when we wanted to hit the town we used free drink tickets given to us by promoters and cut the lines at the night clubs.  As a girl you cannot beat this, as my husband and his friends will have to pay a couple hundred dollars a person to get bottle service just to get into the club, so we took full advantage.  If we liked the club we stayed, buying drinks when the free tickets ran out.  As the weekend ended, no one bought us drinks, we spent between $60-$100 each day, and left with plenty of memories to last.

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