Look amazing on catwalks: on the tiniest budget

You want to be decked out in the finest couture, clothed in garments from Paris, Milan and Rome, and smothered in the kind of skincare products that make you look like the finest glamour-puss to grace the Earth.

But the reality of your finances paints a far bleaker picture. You’re wearing jeans with holes in the crotch, a t-shirt that’s over a decade old and the idea of skincare products feels more remote than the Antarctic.

Everyone struggles under the pressures of finances, especially where a luxury like beauty is concerned. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to give you a helping hand – and they won’t break the bank.

Banish a blemish

When you’re struggling with your cash, you’ll inevitably eat less healthily, creating a mass of spots and blemishes on your skin. While you’re making changes to your diet, your skin will continue to look about as healthy as a damp dishtowel infected with SARs.

There are, however, plenty of lotions and potions that can help out your skin and provide maximum blemish control. We’d recommend Proactiv, which can protect you from blemish breakouts before they even happen. Think of it as being a little bit like Minority Report, but for future skin blemishes instead of future crimes.

This skincare product is specially designed to make your skin shine – and not from grease! Ultimately, it’s the only skincare remedy you could want, saving you cash on high street tat or ineffective snake oil.

Vintage stylings

We’re in an era where, much like Ouroboros the snake, fashion is eating itself. Old school styles are combining to create something new, and previous eras are being plagiarised wholesale by major fashion labels. All this is handy if you want to look great on a budget.

Ditch your high street clothing outlets and head to a charity shop, instead. In these hives of second-hand clothing, you’re almost guaranteed to find fantastic brands. Mix and match to create your own look.

Not only will you feel fashionable without spending too much, you’ll have a unique identity in your clothing that’s potentially timeless, giving you longevity from your style.

Hit the blogs

Thanks your lucky stars that the internet exists – at the very least, it can reassure you that you’re not the only person on a budget.

Countless fashion blogs can be found online, many of which document how to stay beautiful for only a few quid. Our favourite is Penny Chic, a blog which aims to make models look amazing on a meagre budget.

There are plenty more – let us know your favourites in the comments below.

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