Merry Christmas + Makeup: Why do we wear it?

merry christmas

First of, let me wish you a Merry Christmas for those celebrating it! Surely is a special one for me as I’m expecting our third child to be born in a couple days! 😉 Wish me luck! Hope yours if fill up with joy, fun, food and of course lots and lots of health. That is what truly matters in the end.

But, while we’re at it… we might as well get pretty! hehe I’m not a HUGE makeup junkie, but I do enjoy wearing a little from time to time, especially on special events like Christmas, anniversaries, nights out, etc. I also used to put some up at work. Now that I work from home it’s a little different!

Did you know that wearing makeup at work actually helps improve your work appearance and make you work smarter?

By the same token, wearing too much makeup at work can hurt your career:


christmas make up

10 Makeup Peeves of men from the study (I daresay women hate it too)

  1. Lipstick on teeth
  2. Too much blush
  3. Thick foundation
  4. Panda eyes
  5. Clumpy mascara
  6. Bright lipstick
  7. Tell-tale foundation marks at the jawline
  8. Bright blue eyeshadow
  9. Penciled-in brows
  10. Amy Winehouse-style eyeliner flicks

There’s a girl I work with who likes to pile on the makeup.

Heavy thick black eyeliner above and below her eyes, super thick mascara, and very bright and dark eyeshadows. It’s like she’s going out to the club!! I think if she only wore eyeliner on her upper eyelids, she’d look a lot better, younger and fresher (she’s my age by the way, but looks 15 years older than she is).

It also doesn’t hurt that women who wear makeup can draw 33% more men, according to a study done in a French bar.

As a result of liking to wear makeup and knowing it doesn’t hurt to wear a little at work, I’ve accumulated a sizeable makeup collection.

I guess I’m not alone because women spend $40 billion on makeup products each year! But that comes as no surprise to me, because wearing makeup makes women feel better.

The comforting thought in all of this, is that women of all ages are actually using less makeup.

Whether it’s due to the recession or just a general trend towards body and natural face acceptance, I’m all for it!

That being said, I do enjoy the act of putting it on and wearing it, and it doesn’t hurt that when I do wear a bit of makeup, no one asks me whether I’m sick, tired, grumpy or fatigued.

However, I’ve since stopped buying new products to add to my arsenal, because I simply don’t use them! It’s been almost 5 years now that I’ve owned my Cargo blush and it still has another 5 years to go. I now only buy some when I have none left!


So why do you wear it, and how much do you spend on makeup?


Christmas Make Up Image Source

Christmas Image Source

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