The Ideal Salary


Ever wonder what would be the ideal salary for you? You know, the annual income that would make you satisfied and not aiming for more. Sometimes, I wonder if it even exists. Everybody seems to be wanting more.

According to studies reported by the Business Insider and conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and Princeton University, the ideal salary would stand between $50,000 and $75,000 as annual income. Most people included in these numbers tend to be satisfied with their life in regards to friends, health and the way they spent their time.


The Influence

From what I see around me, people with higher income seem to feel a lot more pressure. They also tend to compare themselves more with others, which often brings the desire for more.

I therefore think the environment you live in or the people you hang out with might influence your ideal salary A LOT. For example, if you live in a decent area with well-maintained 20-40 years old houses where all your neighbors are making an income similar to yours, you might think you have just enough. Or if you own a house in an area where all your neighbours have a larger house, buy something new on a regular basis, or go on vacations 4 times a year, you might be tempted to do so as well…

This is why having an ideal salary is relative. Relative to you, to the ones who surround you and to your influence degree.


My Own Experience

It has been 5 years now. The 5 years that I quit a well-paying job to be self-employed and work part-time. I don’t even make half of the income I used to. Am I satisfied with it?

To be honest, I’d like to earn a little more. A $10,000 plus raise each year would make our life a little easier for sure.

However, I’m happier now than I was 5 years ago. My personal salary is not what I dreamed of as I was younger (our family income however is much closer to it). Still, I have the balance I wanted between work, family and friends. I wanted to have more time. I feel like I have plenty of it, especially with my kids. This was my number 1 desire. Check Mark! 😉

I don’t care what other people think anymore. I do feel lucky, but I also think it has a lot to do with choices. I refuse the influence some would like to have on me. I am satisfied with what I have. When the kids are grown up, I might have more time on my own and might want to dedicate more of myself to work.
That’s a possibility, but certainly not a regret.


Is Money Evil?

It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be a millionaire and be happy! No chance you’ll hear something like that from me! Everything in life is possible. It all depends on what you REALLY want and what you are ready to do to make it come true.

I know most millionaires work very hard for their money and belongings. It was not easy, but they kept on moving forward. Many didn’t see their children growing or had them late in life. Others sacrificed some friendships because they didn’t have enough time. Some again had it easier and were at the right place at the right time.

But I don’t envy them. It is not the type of life I want. I’m not ready to make such compromises. I want to enjoy life now AND later. To me, it means working less, but having fun doing it. To each its own.


What about you? Do you seek an ideal income or towards a balance? Any number in mind?

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