Should Dreams Be Related to Money?

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Yes. No. Maybe. Hopefully, I caught your attention that way. Now, let’s explain the train of thoughts I recently had.

I’m not sure if dreams are on trend, but I hear, see and read about dreams almost on a daily basis. You know, these “nothing is impossible” or “don’t let others keep you away from your dreams” statements. Being in a positive mindset surely is something encouraged and promoted these days. Nothing against it either.

I’m just wondering what the typical Jo does with this type of sentences. Do people read this and go buy a lottery ticket thinking nothing’s impossible? Should I start dreaming to be rich, have a mansion and horses? Should dreams be related to money?


In other words, would my life be better with more money? Would I be more happy in a life fulfilled with material abundance?

You see me coming, don’t you? 😉

It might sound weird to write on a personal finance blog, but I don’t encourage anybody to pursue dreams based on money only. At least to a certain extent.

You’re full of debt and want to get rid of it? Fine, make it a priority. Work your butt off to make it happen. Cut everywhere you can. You’ll be richer in a couple months or years, but yes, you can do it. Free 11 days newsletter on this website can help you as well! 😉

You’re dreaming about traveling the world, so you need more money to do so. You work hard and save every penny you can. Fine with me too (as long as you get to appreciate the present time during the process)! Experiences over things, can’t argue with that!

What I have a problem with is the following kind of discussion:

“- I want to have a new car and a bigger house with a tennis court. And I’ll work part-time when I do.
– But, you don’t play tennis, right?
– Yes, but I’ve always liked tennis courts.
– Okay. It’s true that it looks like fun. Why would you like a bigger house?
– Because. That’s what I’ve always wanted.
– I’m curious to know your plan to finance a bigger house with a part-time job. Any idea?
– It’s just my dream.”

What I hear from such a discussion is nothing more than putting happiness in things. It’s empty. There’s no connection between time, experience or people. It’s just about OWNING things. More and more. So you can turn to your neighbor or friend or family and say: look how I’ve succeeded!


**Clapping my hands with as much sarcasm as I can!**


And then what? What will be left of that powerful success?

“Why do you care? It’s not your dream, it’s mine.”

Deep inside, I don’t care. I don’t envy others to be honest. I don’t mind or judge those who have succeeded financially and own many things.

You can have a collection of 15 Ferraris if you want to. As long as that collection doesn’t turn into a priority. As long as it doesn’t put too much shadow on your other values.

I know many people who own a lot yet are still very well balanced between experiences and things. And this is what I mean by saying I don’t encourage people to relate their dreams to money only. Maybe I got it all wrong and by thinking the way I do, I prevent myself from becoming rich (financially speaking as I already consider myself as rich on many levels). But I still think there should be more to life than dreaming about money and owning things.


Here are what my dreams are related to:

  • LOVE
  • TIME

For some of them, more money would help. Money is a mean. Not a dream. It won’t buy you happiness. Even the richest person on the world will tell you so.


Tell me your dreams and I’ll tell you who you are?

I like people with consistency. Not necessarily people like me. Just persons who have lots to share, either because they have experienced a lot or because they thought a lot. People who shake your own thoughts. People filled up with true happiness, people who value other people more than things. Otherwise, I might be deceived. Your dreams can reflect who you are. Carefully choose them.


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