How To Stay Active In Colder Days

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Leaves are falling a bit more each day here, and days are getting cooler. I like the feeling of autumn and enjoy the introspection it brings. There is something reassuring about spending more time inside doing some cooking and cocooning.

That doesn’t mean it’s the time to let go of your active goals! It can be harder to stay focused when it’s dark in the morning and during supper. The desire to stay in the sheets or to be a couch potato for a while is surely present for most of us. Even so, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here’s how I stay active all year long:


Have A Schedule

My best trick is to have a schedule. I plan my training moments during a well-defined period in the week, considering days, hours, and duration. Now that I am 7 months pregnant with our third child, I let go of the schedule and it shows. I’m just not as active as I was. It has nothing to do with pregnancy as I could go walk 3-4 times a week with no problem. I just don’t. No schedule set. Shame on me as I know how beneficial it is when I do!!


Enroll In A Class

It can be a training class, like spinning, dancing, zumba, aerobics, yoga, etc. It could also be a sport related class: soccer, volleyball, badminton… You pick the one you like the most, but enrolling in a class is often a way to stay focused and stick to plan. You count on others and others count on you as well. Not to mention that having to pay for an activity is sometimes a motivation not to miss it! 😉


Partner Up

To me, partnering up is different from enrolling in a class because it doesn’t have to be paid for or involve a large group. It can be running with a friend in the streets or giving your sister a challenge. These challenges have been popular for some time. There are plenty of them: abs, squats, etc. Once again, someone else is counting on you, so it’s easier to do what you said. There’s also somebody to cheer you up when things get hard and to support when you feel like quitting.

Friendly competition can also be very positive, as long as it stays friendly!


Keep Track of Achievements and Progress

This is very important to get motivation. Some will go with the balance and measures, but this can turn into an obsession that I surely don’t encourage. Been there, done that! 😉 There are other ways to keep track of progress and achievements.

Goals of duration or performance are good examples. Try running 5 minutes more or doing 1 km more in the same amount of time. Lift more or do more push-ups, etc. Think about things that you can count but are not necessarily related to your physical look.

If you still want to compare how you look physically, I suggest you go with pictures instead of the weight on the balance! Choose an outfit and take a picture on day 1. Take another picture fater a month, 3 months, 6 months, etc. For many people, it’s a healthier way of seeing results.


Do you have any other tips on how you stay active during colder days?


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